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A clear vision for the direction of the organization, team and even individuals is a cornerstone for engagement and high performance. Amidst today’s rapid change and disruptive innovations, knowing where you’re going is even more critical. We work with senior executives and their leaders to pragmatically assess, understand, and take action on the internal and external forces shaping their industries. This insight allows for informed decision making, flexibility in the face of change, and provides the clear direction for employees as strategy is deployed for execution.

The Basics

Our strategy design modules are often part of larger leadership working sessions and include key components such as:

  • Strategic Alignment and Integration: Gaining input and support across all stakeholders and understanding how strategic vision is executed tactically within the organization.
  • Leading Culture Change: Understanding the role of culture in supporting strategy and the phases of culture change.
  • Changing World of Leadership: Examining the change in business today and assessing how leadership and management needs to change in turn.
  • Dynamics of Diversity and Inclusion: Evolving awareness and skills in identifying and leveraging the value of difference to gain the deepest and broadest perspectives on what is possible and why.
  • Leading from Purpose: Facilitation in engaging and motivating employees to execute strategic efforts with a sense of direct impact and value.
  • Landscape Analysis: Environmental Drivers and Disruptive Forces – A scan of industry drivers, trends, disruptive innovations, regulatory factors, customer needs and external/internal economic drivers and other factors that are impacting the industry and company.
  • Articulating Business Imperatives: What the business must do well to compete in the marketplace and the core competencies it must have to do so.
  • Identifying Cultural Imperatives: The values, beliefs and behaviors of organizational members that will support the organization to achieve its business imperatives.
  • Establishing Leadership Imperatives: Behaviors and competencies required from Leaders to be effective role models of the desired values, beliefs and behaviors.
  • Evolved SWOT Analysis: Identifying, prioritizing and action planning for the Opportunities and Threats represented in the marketplace and the organization’s Strengths and Weaknesses relative to them.

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From The Horses Mouth

“The material was exactly what I needed as a frontline supervisor”

Frontline Supervisor, Northeast Utility

“By far the best training I ever attended. The Coaching model provided me the tools to complete effective coaching. I would highly recommend this training for any leader”

VP, Crane Nuclear

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