Our mission in pursuing this belief is to help leaders and organizations develop, execute, measure, and achieve their visions of success – for themselves, and their organizations

We do this by:

  • Facilitating innovative yet sound strategies
  • Developing strong leadership skills and mindsets
  • Helping cultivate agile and performance-driven work cultures
  • Engaging employees and customers


Ephektiv is the result of a merger between Tosan, Inc. and Systemic LLC, two different organizations that have been collaborating closely for nearly 20 years.

Together we are now able to more seamlessly present the interconnected solutions that we’ve come to see as valuable to our various clients over the past two decades.

Mr. Smith first went to work as the marketing lead for Mr. Marquardt’s earlier company, Being First, Inc. Over the years, the two collaborated in various capacities, helping Tosan’s clients leverage communications and branding solutions to help drive organizational change and uncover new leadership and process improvement opportunities. Today, Ephektiv helps companies succeed by linking these often disparate disciplines—communication and organizational development—that we believe are needed for achieving and sustaining business goals through a culture of engaged employees.

Madeline Marquardt
Madeline MarquardtPresident/Co Owner
Cynthia Marquardt
Cynthia MarquardtVP/CO-Owner
Michael Marquardt
Michael MarquardtConsultant