What is Safety Culture?

A safety culture is the backbone of any successful organization. It reflects the approach taken by the organization and its members to identify, mitigate, and manage risks that could harm employees, systems, customers, and the public. A Safety Culture is created and upheld primarily by the values, beliefs/assumptions, and behaviors of the leadership team. By prioritizing safety, organizations can ensure the well-being of everyone involved, prevent accidents, protect lives and systems, and build trust with employees and stakeholders.

Coincidently, the same leadership values, beliefs/assumptions and behaviors that promote safety cultures also produce long-term organizational performance excellence. As a result, a strong safety culture is a critical element of any organization’s success, and every organization must make it a top priority.

Our Process

Building a Safer Tomorrow

At Ephektiv, safety is not just a goal; it’s our philosophy. We are dedicated to creating a safety culture that protects employees, fosters well-being, and ensures organizational excellence.

Our safety culture is built on seven foundational principles, emphasizing personal responsibility, caring, and continuous learning. These principles are the cornerstone of our commitment to safety excellence.

  • Members Truly Care for Each Other
  • Members Personally Own Safety (Self and Others)
  • Members Accept that all Accidents and Events are Preventable
  • Members Share a Belief that Most Risk can be Identified and Mitigated
  • Members Adopt a Questioning Attitude and Behavior
  • Members Build a Trusting and Safe Work Climate for Reporting Incidents and Near Misses
  • Members Believe that Personal and Organizational Learning is Paramount

Our Framework Focus

  1. Management Commitment
    to Safety 
  2. Safety Management System and Structures
  3. Individual and Team Choice “Commitment to Safety”

Solution and Outcome

Through our comprehensive Safety Culture Framwork™, Ephektiv provides not only a secure work environment but also a foundation for organizational growth and success. By prioritizing safety at every level, we reduce accidents, foster employee well-being, and build trust with stakeholders, ultimately driving long-term performance excellence.

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