Leadership Fundamentals

Over 5000 leaders can’t be wrong!

A primary responsibility of a leader is to create an environment whereby employees fully apply their knowledge, skills and abilities towards organizational goals, continuous improvement, and innovation.

The Basics

All Levels of Management.

Pre-work assignment, including conducting short interviews

  • Highly interactive three-day course
  • Post course daily assignments for 4 weeks
  • Four-hour post course follow-up(s)

There are two delivery options: directly by Ephektiv’s staff or co-facilitated by Ephektiv and the organization’s leaders.

  • The later requires the addition of a train-the-trainer workshop to prepare the organization’s leaders to co-facilitate the sessions.
  • Each class is limited to 24 participants to ensure adequate participant coaching by the trainers.

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Deeper Dive

The purpose of this workshop is to build the fundamental skills required to delegate work; set clear and specific expectations for standards; gain commitment to the required outcomes and standards; monitor, reward, reinforce and coach; ask employees to account for their actions and results; and apply consequences – positive, coach or negative – depending on the results and degree of meeting standards.

This program is designed to assist leaders at all levels to develop a mindset and skill set, conducive to applying management techniques to improve their overall effectiveness in carrying out day-to-day supervisory activities. This results in improved employee accountability, deeper engagement, and an embracing of standards.

The Accountability and Coaching program builds practical skills that can be immediately applied in any workplace and at any level. Special attention is given to build the leader’s skills in conducting behavioral observations and delivering real-time behavior based feedback. The participants leave with an ability to use a coaching process that produces ownership for improving employee performance and aligning behavior to company standards.

How about a Keepsake!

From The Horses Mouth

“The material was exactly what I needed as a frontline supervisor”

Frontline Supervisor, Northeast Utility

“By far the best training I ever attended. The Coaching model provided me the tools to complete effective coaching. I would highly recommend this training for any leader”

VP, Crane Nuclear

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