Leadership Effectiveness

Enhancing your Leadership Effectiveness

A primary responsibility of a leader is to create an environment whereby employees fully apply their knowledge, skills and abilities towards organizational goals, continuous improvement, and innovation.

The Basics

Ephektiv is an accredited Superuser of the Human Synergistics suite of assessment tools.

The Manager Impact assessment tools leverage a normed database assessment originating in the early 70’s. These tools stem from research and theory developed at Chicago University and have been used in thousands of companies world-wide, in nearly every industry.

These tools allow leaders to assess and receive feedback on their perceived behaviors and impact as well as that seen by others. This approach of self-measurement and peer insight provides sound data for personal awareness and change.

Internationally proven and aligned with best-practice academic and psychometric standards, M/I uses self-assessment and 360 feedback to gauge managers’ strengths and areas for development — a vital step towards ensuring their ‘fit’ with your organization’s vision, values, and strategies.

Deeper Dive

How it works

M/I has two components:

  1. M/I Self-Report Inventory: The manager takes a self-assessment of his/her leadership approach and the impact he/she would like to have on others.
  2. M/I Description-by-Others Inventory: Up to 12 of the manager’s peers, higher-level managers, and/or direct reports (all chosen by the manager) provide feedback on his/her management approach, impact, and overall effectiveness.

The data collected in the surveys are processed electronically, and results and recommendations are presented to the manager in a confidential, comprehensive report. A Human Synergistics consultant or accredited practitioner then guides the manager through the findings and helps him/her develop a strategy to close the gap between the way he/she is perceived now and the manager who he/she wants (and needs) to be.

The M/I are available online and in hard copy format.

Complementary tools

To maximize your results, we recommend applying M/I in tandem with the Group Styles Inventory™ and/or Organizational Culture Inventory®. Together, they enable an integrated approach to developing individual-, group-, and organizational-level thinking and behavioral styles.

You can also use M/I alongside Leadership/Impact® as an integrated approach to developing your senior leaders.

The Benefits

The M/I assessment will help you get the best from your management team, with a dual focus on their management approach and their effects on (and the behavior they encourage in) others. They’ll discover ways toimprove their long-term effectiveness and influence, and ultimately strengthen their ability to meet your organization’s goals.

M/I is particularly valuable as part of initiatives focused on management development, personal development, cultural development, or organizational development. You can use it as the basis for:

  • initiating or promoting management development
  • coaching individual managers
  • evaluating your management development initiatives
  • promoting a healthy organizational culture
  • enhancing organizational effectiveness