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Everyone agrees frontline leaders are critical to the success of companies. This three-day hands-on workshop helps frontline leaders understand their crucial role, strengthen personal resolve and build skills in translating strategic goals and initiatives into team-based tactical/critical objectives, indicators and actions that improves team performance while executing organizational goals.

The Basics


This workshop is targeted to frontline leaders who lead teams that execute work, including those with bargaining unit employees. We recommend that the  training groups are between 15 and 21 participants.

This workshop requires support from the frontline leader’s manager. It is best to have the managers attend a two-day version of this workshop so they are prepared to provide direction and support to their frontline leaders.


Pre-Work – The program includes a pre-workshop assignment where participants review corporate and division strategy, goals, objectives and improvement initiatives. These are brought to the workshop.

Three-Day Workshop – The workshop is pragmatic and learning is applied real-time in the development of a team-based plan to achieve excellence. The participants develop their plan and present it to peers and facilitators on the last day where they receive feedback on clarity and the quality of presentation.

Upon return to the workplace, the participants review their plan with their manager, engage their employees in developing actions, and immediately implement the plan.


There are two delivery options: directly by Ephektiv’s staff or co-facilitated by Ephektiv and the organization’s leaders.

  • The later requires the addition of a train-the-trainer workshop to prepare the organization’s leaders to co-facilitate the sessions.
  • Each class is limited to 24 participants to ensure adequate participant coaching by the trainers.

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Deeper Dive

This program focuses on building skills in defining a team mission, vision, critical objectives and performance indicators to assess progress. It includes modules to build personal mastery skills to help frontline leaders maintain constructive behaviors when dealing with difficult, stressful situations and challenging employees. The program builds communication skills in owning the message, planning for delivery of a message, managing body language and tone and presenting to small groups.

Program Objectives:

At the end of the workshop leaders will be able to:

  • Set a vision for team excellence
  • Translate cascaded goals and objectives into meaningful team based objectives and measurement indicators
  • Maintain constructive behaviors while resolving conflict and managing through difficult situations
  • Effectively manage and engage cynical, resistant employees
  • Own, plan and effectively communicate messages cascaded down to them and advocate for their team up and across the organization
  • Engage their team in developing critical team based improvement objectives and implementing a plan to achieve and sustain high levels of performance

How about a Keepsake!

From The Horses Mouth

“The material was exactly what I needed as a frontline supervisor”

Frontline Supervisor, Northeast Utility

“By far the best training I ever attended. The Coaching model provided me the tools to complete effective coaching. I would highly recommend this training for any leader”

VP, Crane Nuclear

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