Change Management

Next-Generation Leadership

Strategic execution, next-generation leadership, the behaviors desired to drive performance and innovation – as leaders evolving in each of these disciplines, we’re constantly asking our people to change.

Without a well-informed, conscious effort to manage the systemic aspects of change the desired transformation is certain to fail.

The Basics


Ephektiv helps organizations and leaders to fully assess the efforts, stakeholders, influencers, communications and outcomes necessary to have the new way of working, become the new norm. Using an industry proven change management model, we facilitate agents to:

  • Prepare to Lead the Change
  • Create Organizational Vision, Commitment, and Capability
  • Assess the Situation to Determine Design Requirements
  • Design the Desired State
  • Analyze the Impact
  • Plan and Organize for Implementation
  • Implement the Change
  • Celebrate and Integrate the New State
  • Learn and Course Correct

Ephektiv provides our knowledge and expertise in working with clients to implement organizational changes ranging in sizes from department or team-level, to line-of-busienss and enterprise-wide transformation.

In order to ensure effective implementation and successfully shift employee behaviors, it is important to follow a proven process when implementing organizational changes. This applies to all types of changes, including organizational restructuring or downsizing, implementing new processes or procedures, introducing a new software protocol or program, and strategically shifting the organizational culture.

We work alongside client change management teams or individuals, not only to ensure that the change is successfully implemented, but to ensure that the organization develops the skills, knowledge, and internal capacity to effectively lead and manage change in the future.

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From The Horses Mouth

“The material was exactly what I needed as a frontline supervisor”

Frontline Supervisor, Northeast Utility

“By far the best training I ever attended. The Coaching model provided me the tools to complete effective coaching. I would highly recommend this training for any leader”

VP, Crane Nuclear