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Problem Solving Labs:

Performance Improvement Through Team Engagement


Managers frequently want to engage their teams in improving performance, but lack the skills and tools to do so in the short time periods they are afforded. This one and a half day workshop teaches managers and supervisors the practical use of a pragmatic 8-step problem-solving model and basic set of performance improvement tools that can be used to engage their team members in solving team or department performance issues. The problem solving model and tools are based in Lean Principles, but are tailored to be used in a team environment.


At the end of the workshop leaders will be able to:

  • Use an 8-step problem solving model, affinity mapping, cause effect diagrams and action plan templates
  • Accurately define team based performance issues, develop solutions and choose actions to resolve these issues
  • Engage and facilitate team’s through an 8-step problems solving model to overcome performance shortcomings

This workshop is targeted to managers and frontline leaders who oversee the execution of work. The frontline leaders in turn apply the tools while engaging team members to improve performance