Tomorrow’s value will come from today’s diversity in addressing and innovating disruptive change into unmatched opportunity.


Power companies are now competing with home owners for electricity generation and the addition of battery technologies and renewables have added to the disruptive forces redefining how we make, deliver and use power.

Healthcare is, and will continue to, find challenges from regulatory changes and new and more powerful diseases.

Manufacturing has a surprising partner in Education in that both of these systems have never been so distributed, adoptive of new technology, and required by our world to deliver better and faster solutions than ever before.

To meet the needs of these industries and others, Ephektiv has worked with professionals to systematically adopt, manage, and continually integrate Innovation as a whole-organization discipline that supports sustained competitive advantage.

Specifically, our approach is the custom tailoring and co-delivery of a three-part experiential learning endeavor known as the Innovation Lab Series. These working sessions are designed to increase organizations’ capacity to proactively innovate and capitalize on the disruptive forces in most any industry.

The Leadership Lab Series achieves this through leadership skills and mindset that tracking and analyzing the industry’s changes, translate those into the business’ imperatives, and proactively innovate to turn these changes into opportunities.

At the heart of these innovation engines, is a greatly expanded understanding and navigation of Diversity, the ability to engage the workforce based on intrinsic motivators, a proven process for creative generation and validation of ideas and their mobilization, and the skills and understanding on how to run innovative initiatives to ground with strong execution, measurement, and long-term integration.