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Behavioral Assessment Tools - Ephektiv

Behavioral Assessment Tools


Behavior Assessment

Ephektiv Leadership Assessment services includes the selection, deployment, analysis, synthesis, and reporting of leadership assessment efforts used in supporting organizational effectiveness and change efforts.


By analyzing styles and behaviors, workers are able to make informed decisions about their actions and impact as they execute on strategic goals and management of employees.

Behavioral Assessment Tools:

Ephektiv is an accredited user of the Human Synergistics suite of assessment tools.

The Life Styles Inventory, Leadership Impact, and Manager Impact assessment tools leverage a normed database assessment originating in the early 70’s. These tools stem from research and theory develooped at Chicago University and have been used in thousands of companies world-wide, in nearly every industry.

These tools allow leaders to assess and receive feedback on their perceived behaviors and impact as well as that seen by others. This approach of self-measurement and peer insight provides sound data for personal awareness and change.

The Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI):

The LSI assesses and provides feedback on thinking and behavioral patterns that people can change to develop themselves along multiple dimensions, including their ability to understand and manage their emotions. The LSI helps individuals gain self-awareness as well as an understanding of the relationship between personal, management, and leadership styles and effectiveness. Years of research using thousands of data points demonstrates that LSI styles are related to various indicators of individual effectiveness, including quality of interpersonal relations, openness to feedback, stress, salary, and organizational level. Ephektiv is an accredited user of the LSI.

The Leadership/Management Impact™ surveys are designed for senior leaders and managers respectfully. These two instruments are a unique assessment that provides feedback on how the leader is motivating direct reports and others to behave. Leaders/Managers learn how their management approaches create the impact that they have on other people and the culture of their organizations. These instruments measure other people’s impressions of the leader/manager’s effectiveness, impact on their behavior, and approach to various responsibilities common to the jobs of most leaders. Ephektiv is an accredited user of the Leadership Impact™ and the Management Impact™.

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