Leadership Assessments


Leadership Assessment

Leadership Assessments

Our assessment efforts are not stand alone, rather used in conjunction with a variety of development efforts to support strategic execution and engaging, effective leadership skills and knowledge.


Concrete understanding of what drives individual behavior is a key data-point in understanding why your organization is what it is today, and more important in plotting a course for sustained excellence going forward.

Ephektiv uses a variety of data-driven, industry proven assessment and feedback tools to help leaders and individuals understand what makes them excel, and how they can better collaborate with each other. Ephektiv’s individual and leadership assessment efforts can be used for focused insights, or as a part of your organization’s larger improvement efforts.

Our preferred assessment tools generate accurate, actionable behavioral data that can be analyzed and synthesized to programmatically support leaders to make personal change.

Those that leverage assessments in their leadership development efforts acquire a clear understanding on their behaviors, driving values, and how best to go about making change – for themselves and the organization. With this self-awareness, Leaders are better able to cultivate environments in which employees are intrinsically motivated, accountable, and innovative.

Ephektiv Leadership Assessment services provide individual style, behavior and when needed, competencies measurement of Leaders, Managers, and employees to support informed personal change and development.

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