Achieving Excellence


Achieving Excellence

Achieving Excellence Workshop

Often executive leaders recognize a mid-level leadership behavior pattern that is limiting the success of the organization. That pattern is best described as mid-level leaders accepting substandard workflow “inputs” or delays from other departments or organizations without addressing and resolving issues between the departments or within the group that is delivering poor quality “input” or is causing delays. These leaders tend to put up with low quality and the mediocrity that comes with it, or they create a work-around, which causes inefficiencies and undue stress.


Program Objectives:

At the end of the program leaders will be able to:

  • Recognize and overcome personal thinking and behavioral patterns that limit them in confronting and resolving interdepartmental performance issues
  • Understand strengths and apply strategies to overcome personal weaknesses in managing through conflict Apply a pragmatic approach to engage in and effectively navigate through difficult conversations related to organizational performance issues
  • Accurately diagnose the source of interdepartmental performance issues and engage others in overcoming them Implement a plan to overcome a real-time interdepartmental performance issue


This program is targeted to department managers and above. We recommend that the groups be less than 15 participants and consist of members from a mix of departments.

This program will require strong sponsorship from the senior leadership team. They are encouraged to participate in the program and provide sponsorship when necessary to overcome interdepartmental performance issues.


Pre-Work – The program will include a pre-workshop assignment, including the identification of a real-time interdepartmental performance issue that will be the focus of application and plan development during the course of the workshop.

Three-Day Workshop – The workshop will be personal, immersive and somewhat intensive. It will include:

  • Examining real organizational case studies reflecting interdepartmental performance issues
  • Short presentations
  • Challenging inquiry in three different formats: 1) facilitator lead, 2) peers and 3) triad role play