Organizational Assessments



Organizational Assessments

Organizational Culture is the foundational environmental condition that supports, or hinders a company’s readiness and ability to learn, change, grow and innovate toward strategic goals. To this end, today’s leaders are discovering that Culture is a strategic asset to be measured and managed alongside technology, finance, and process.


Ephektiv is a world leader in the assessment of organizational culture and the mission-critical systems allow companies to thrive and the change management plans that lead to success.


“The Way We Do Things Around Here.” This is the definitive working definition of organizational culture. However, understanding, assessing and shifting organizational culture is a difficult proposition. Ephektiv helps organizations to cultivate high performing cultures in a pragmatic, data-driven manner through our proven cultural assessment methodology leverageing two key assessment tools from Human Synergistics International.

Organizational Cultural Inventory® (OCI®):

The Organizational Culture Inventory is the most widely-used and thoroughly-researched tool for measuring organizational culture in the world. Numerous research studies utilizing the OCI demonstrate the importance of measuring and managing culture. At the organizational level, the research shows a relationship between the Constructive culture styles measured by the OCI® and outcomes including employee engagement, safety and reliability, successful merger integration, creativity, adaptability, and customer satisfaction. Similarly, at the societal level, research underscores the importance of the Constructive styles and demonstrates a negative relationship between the Defensive culture styles and World Competitiveness.

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Organizational Effectiveness Inventory® (OEI®):

Based on the How Culture Works Model, the Organizational Effectiveness Inventory® (OEI) complements the Organizational Culture Inventory® (OCI®) by measuring the Causal Factors (Levers for Change) that shape culture and the Outcomes of culture at the individual, group, and organizational levels.

The OEI provides an actionable, impactful, and research-based alternative to employee attitude and opinion surveys, linking climate and culture in terms of:

  • What people experience and perceive as members of the organization
  • The impact this has on what they believe is expected of them (norms and culture)
  • How culture in turn leads to important outcomes at the individual level (e.g., engagement), the group level (e.g., teamwork), and the organizational level (e.g., adaptability and quality)

This comprehensive survey, particularly when used in conjunction with the OCI®, assesses the most important internal factors and conditions likely to impact organizational performance and sustainability.

Together, the OCI® and the OEI® provide a complete picture of the case for change and the levers for change. With the OCI® measuring Ideal and Current Culture and the OEI® measuring organizational practices and outcomes, clear reasons and strategies emerge for initiating and guiding change and development.

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