Client Profile:

Industry: Electrical transmission and distribution

Operations: North America

Employees: 3000

Key Services/Solutions:        

  • Organizational Performance and Culture Assessment
  • Safety Culture Development
  • Leadership and Management Development
  • Change Management
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Internal Branding
  • Instructional Design
  • Coaching
  • Communications Development
  • Video Production




With more than 40,000 employees in dozens of different business units spread all over the globe, TeleTech had a communications problem. It needed to be able to tell a complex story about the services it offered to clients and support all of its different processes in one centralized way that was easy to understand and share between stakeholders. This was made more difficult by the fact that the company employed customer service agents to support this effort in many different countries and with many different levels of workplace expertise.

Its high-level goals were to:

  • Differentiate the company in the marketplace at a global level
  • Tell the story of its complex products in a concise way
  • Demonstrate the value and scalability of its products


As Director of Marketing Communications for TeleTech, Ephektiv founder Mr. Smith and his team created for the company a solutions architecture that was based around three key areas:

  • Customer management
  • Professional services
  • Human capital

From there, using the MessageLab methodology, his team built the strategic messaging platform for the company, to include its services and the entire product architecture, helping to arrange the company’s various products and services under those three solutions areas. The campaign was united under the tagline of “The Science of Customer Service.”

The end result was a branding campaign that leveraged the look and feel of the periodic table of the elements to demonstrate how front-line workers could make the company’s complex products simple to understand and navigate at even the most basic level. That look and feel was applied across TeleTech’s various web sites, direct email campaigns, direct mail campaigns, client immersion events and other assets.


As a well designed, well thought out, integrated marketing and branding application, the campaign used design to successfully tell a complex story in a simple way that allowed people to navigate and understand the story on their own.

  • The campaign was well received within TeleTech and ended up being widely adopted across the global enterprise, helping drive overall brand identity worldwide
  • Branding was deployed across some 50 different print assets, digital assets, recruiting websites, client websites, apparel, marketing merchandising and more
  • The look and feel were so effective that they held up and remained easy to use and understand across a number of different assets
  • In conjunction with TeleTech’s design agency, the entire integrated campaign was featured in Alina Wheeler’s book, “Designing Brand Identity”