Northeast Electric Utility

Client Profile:


Electrical transmission and distribution


North America



Key Services/Solutions:

  • Organizational Performance and Culture Assessment
  • Safety Culture Development
  • Leadership and Management Development
  • Change Management
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Internal Branding
  • Instructional Design
  • Coaching
  • Communications Development
  • Video Production

Northeast Electric Utility

Project Brief:

Transforming the utility though culture and engagement to define the innovative power company of the future.

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Faced with a rapidly changing market for distributed electricity—influenced by low-cost domestic energy in the form of natural gas and shale oil, new renewable energy sources, commercial and residential battery systems and other technological innovations—the economic model for many utility providers is in flux. As a result, the kilowatt itself has become a commodity and utilities need to get better at grid technologies and strategies as they become more and more the go-between in transference, rather than production.

In 2012, a U.S.-based subsidiary of a leading multinational utility company that engages in the transmission and distribution of energy services in North America approached Ephektiv for help in navigating this changing market. Like most large utilities, this organization had a legacy workforce, aging infrastructure and outdated processes. It needed to create an open, innovative workforce to better address the challenges of today’s market without sacrificing anything in the way of workplace safety, service uptime and customer satisfaction.


To undertake this significant organizational transformation, Ephektiv and the client’s senior leadership partnered to directly address:

  • The need for a highly engaged workforce cultivating a work culture of safe, sustained performance
  • Increased organizational effectiveness in the focused strategic execution needed to build an innovative asset, establish best practice business processes, and master the operations of a modern day utility
  • The need for innovation to overcome the rapidly evolving challenges facing the industry. Today’s market is calling for new ideas, new approaches and creative problem solving.

These developmental efforts were carefully tailored to directly support the strategic direction of the organization and were designed to, in parallel, increase the capacity of leaders to execute on this strategy in ways that leveraged constructive behaviors and cultivated a culture of engagement, collaboration and innovation. To this end, Ephektiv assisted the company’s leaders in focusing the delivery of their business objectives to front-line employees for stronger execution and increased achievement.


Shifting culture and driving change are likely the most difficult efforts for an organization to undertake. However, successfully achieving these initiatives has been shown to exponentially increase the sustained performance of organizations in a variety of industries.

In this case, the client has experienced the following strategic and tactical achievements:

  • Increased reliability to 1st quartile against industry peers
  • Exceeding financial goals and fully meeting capital spend targets
  • Awarded prestigious “Utility of the Year Award” by Electric Light & Power magazine
  • Numerous process improvements originating from frontline crews
  • Decreased Electrical Service Events (worker-caused outages)
  • 92% increase in expectations for Constructive behaviors within the management team. Have achieved a fully Constructive approach by management.
  • 50% increase in expectations for Constructive behaviors at the field service centers
  • Innovative new products and services are coming online

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