09 Aug 2016

Ephektiv and Utility Client to co-present industry case-study.

How culture and innovation play a critical role in transforming today’s Electric Utility into tomorrow’s Energy Provider.


Martin Marquardt, President of Ephektiv and Greg Dudkin, PPL Electric Utilities will be co-presenting at this year’s E Source Forum.





Mr. Marquardt and Mr. Dudkin will share the experience of transforming an investor-owned utility to better innovate and perform in the face of today’s rapidly changing energy landscape.

This interactive discussion will frame what it means to truly “transform” a mature entity such as Utility. The discussion will also provide insights into the role that Culture, Diversity, and Leadership play in successfully executing an agile transformation strategy. Finally, the group will discuss the discipline of Change Management to remain competitive, safe, and of value to the community all while evolving the enterprise.

The E Source Forum is the utility industry’s premier technology, concept, and networking event, Held in Denver, Colorado September 13–16, 2016

The Forum brings together more than 400 representatives from utilities and other energy service providers as well as government representatives and others involved in improving and redefining how energy is delivered, purchased, and used.

The E Source Forum is open exclusively to E Source utility members as well as invited utility non-members, energy service providers, and government representatives.

Energy industry implementers and vendors may attend the Forum as exhibitors, sponsors, or as invited speakers. For more information on becoming an exhibitor or sponsor, please visit our exhibitor or sponsor page at www.esource.com or contact Larry Robinson at 303-345-9164.

For more information about E Source and Ephektiv, visit www.esource.com and www.ephektiv.co.

Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith

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